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Babyhug Velour Sleeping Bag with Bear Print



Key Features

  • It becomes exceptionally fluffy and comfortable for tiny ones with enough cushioning.
  • one to savour the blissful hours of sleeps.
  • Simply zip the bedding to cover your baby when he or she falls asleep, and it is ready to be carried with you.
  • Zip that is of good quality will not deteriorate with time.
  • It's not difficult to wash because of its natural cotton composition.

Product Info





You know how to give your tiny munchkin that extra comfort and affection when relaxing or sleeping? Snuggy Cozy Carry Nest from babyhug allows little ones to get the most out of their nap time. Snuggy comfortable baby carry nest has a charming design and is exceptionally soft and fluffy. Content within makes it fluffier and comfier for a good night's sleep. Use snuggy as a baby blanket or zippered into a compact shape to carry your infant when he or she is napping. This adorable baby bedding will keep your little one warm and cosy.

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